Provisions 1268

My Last Meal | Provisions 1268

A meal at Provisions 1268 is as exciting as they come! The ingredients driven, non-menu restaurant, exclusively offers a 5-course tasting menu for $60 – a total steal in my opinion. Once dietary restrictions and food allergies are out of the way, you put the rest of the decision making up to the talented Provisions 1268 team – and, believe me, you are in good hands! Each course is not only beautifully presented, but also well designed with seasonally fresh and complimentary ingredients.

Working for DINR has its undeniable perks and dining at Provisions 1268 has definitely been one of them! A couple weeks back I popped into the intimate eatery and here is what they had me try:

To Eat:

Provisions 1268 - brioche
A little homemade brioche topped with chives never hurt anyone.
Provisions 1268 - Smoked Salmon
Smoked king salmon served with yucca salad, sweet potato puree, pickled pearl onions, and compressed cucumber. The salmon incredibly fresh and cut like buttahhh. Bro!
Provisions 1268 - Grilled Octopus
Grilled Octopus with roasted eggplant puree, confit peppers, heirloom beans, and harissa vinaigrette – the combination of which made for perfect little bites.
Seared albacore tuna with roasted salsify, red cabbage slaw, cured albacore, quail egg, and fish roe.
Seared albacore tuna with roasted salsify, red cabbage slaw, cured albacore, quail egg, and fish roe.
Provisions 1268 - Veal Shank
Fall-off-the-bone veal shank! Served with red onion stuffed with kale, black trumpet mushrooms, pear puree and portobello sauce. Rich, but not heavy. A perfect winter meal.
Provisions 1268 - Bavette
Bavette steak served with slow cooked leek that was topped with gruyère gratiné, parsnip puree and green onion relish. Good grief this was delicious – I actually pray to have this again one day.
Provisions 1268 - Dessert
Short and Sweet – sorbet and shortbread 😉

To Drink:

Provisions 1268 - Wine
White: Les Pervenches, Seyval-Chardo 2014. I swear I only had one glass ;-P

Duuuuuddddde my meal was epic! It was exciting, fun and most importantly really, really tasty.  Provisions 1268 is located at 1268 avenue Van Horne and is open Tuesday through Saturday starting at 6pm. Have a look on DINR to snag a same day reservations now!