Le Fantome

My Last Meal | Le Fantome

This July marks Le Fantome‘s first anniversary and within a short amount of time they’ve quickly managed to razzle-dazzle ardent foodies with their innovative, sophisticated and delightfully fun menu! Recently making the switch to tasting menu, Le Fantome offers either 8-courses for $60 or 6 for $45 – a complete steal in my opinion. A couple weeks back myself and fellow food comrade, Melanie (of La Pique Assiette), had the pleasure of dining at Le Fantome.

Here is what Chef Jason Morris had us try:

Le Fantome - Foie Nem
Amuse Bouche! Foie Nem, a Vietnamese summer roll with fermented vegetables and a chicken liver mousse.
Fantome - Beet Salad
Creme fraiche and hazelnut praline topped with yellow, white, red beets, and shaved Italian truffles. Heaven.
Le Fantome - Cured Mackerel
Mackerel cured with 5 year aged vinegar and served in a prosciutto broth with chanterelle mushrooms, black kimchi, and a red onion chip. As dreamy as it looks.
Le Fantome - Anetto e Pepe
Homemade spaghetti with a dill emulsion and fresh ground pepper. Finished with Italian ursini olive oil. Mind-blowingly good. I pray to god I get to eat this again.
Le Fantome - Halibut
Butter poached Atlantic Halibut. Beurre blanc. Heirloom cherry tomatoes with tomato water emulsion. And kombu puree (fermented seaweed). I literally licked my plate clean.
Le Fantome - Kamouraska Lamb
Kamouraska lamb (filet and loin) avocado puree, lamb jus, and fresh arugula to finish.

Missing from these pictures are the bevy of amazing wines owner, Kabir Kapoor, paired with every course – a great way to taste a range of cult private imports in one sitting. Also, I may have scarfed down Morris’ outrageously good babka before grabbing a shot – a rookie mistake, I know – but I blame the aforementioned wine pairing.

Delicious cuisine and attentive service always make for an amazing experience, so a BIG THANK YOU to the Fanty team! Le Fantome is open Tuesday through Saturday starting at 6pm so have a look on DINR for any last minute availabilities.