My Last Meal | Le Bremner

Le Bremner is known for its great vibe, crazy-fun team and seriously delicious food.  Being one of the best restaurants in Montreal, we know we can leave menu decision making up to Chef Danny Smiles and so last week we did just that.

And here’s what he served up:

To Eat:

Le Bremner - Labneh Lobster
Soft ripened labneh dressed with butter poached lobster, rosamarina, za’atar spice and pea tendrils. Mind blown!
Le Bremner - Tuna Tahini
Tuna and tahini sashimi garnished with micro-cilantro and fried shallots.
Le Bremner - Broccoli Caesar
Warm roasted broccoli caesar appetizer with Romano cheese, smoked bacon and brioche croutons. AKA The Remix.
Le Bremner - Bone Marrow
Roasted bone marrow served with butter poached whelks, which are seasoned with Tajin and piri-piri. Garnished with shaved celery. (***DAILY SPECIAL, sukas***)
Le Bremner - Halibut Clam Chowder
Crusted Halibut served on a little neck clam chowder based in a maple dashi and smoked bacon bits.
Le Bremner - Rib Eye Steak
AAA rib eye steak with fondant new potatoes served with a classic pepper sauce and maître d’hôtel butter and fried rosemary. This is an absolute must!

To Drink:
Basically, trust Mike Bukacheski’s great wine selections or ask bartender Vito Ciocca to whip you up something potent, but oh so worth it.

Le Bremner - Cocktails
Homemade virgin apple cider and a very-alcoholic Old Fashioned à la Vito.

Le Bremner is open from Monday to Saturday starting at 6pm and is situated at 361 St Paul East in Old Montreal. So if you’re hungry and looking for somewhere great to eat tonight, check out DINR now to see if Le Bremner has availabilities!

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