Le Bon Vivant Restaurant

My Last Meal | Le Bon Vivant

My last meal at Le Bon Vivant was the best way I could kick off my thirties, as it also happened to be the eve of my birthday! The team, from the kitchen to front of house, were gracious, warm and frankly lots of fun… I may or may not have ended up dancing with Manager Gabrielle Hamelin & co. after service (and shots of Jameson) to some dreamy electro-pop. A perfect way to inaugurate this new decade in my life.

Chef Fiodar Huminski also made the evening extra special by preparing a kick ass dinner. Here is what he had us try:

Bon-Vivant - Oysters
Perfectly shucked oysters from Colville Bay, PEI. Always the best.
Bon-Vivant - Charcuterie
A plethora of charcuterie: guanciale, iberico chorizo, proscuitto 18 months, house cured ham 13 months, head cheese, coppa, and maple braised pork belly. Served with various condiments and grilled bread. Heaven!
Bon Vivant - Burrata
Toasted brioche with prosciutto, burrata and roquette pesto. Beyond yum!
Bon Vivant - Salad
Fresh, seasonal ingredients drizzled with sunflower seeds, feta cheese, and a red wine shallot vinaigrette.
Think kimchi poutine! Fries, cheese curds, garlic wasabi mayo, sesame seeds and kimchi. It would be remiss not to order this every time you go to Le Bon Vivant.
Bon Vivant - Beet Salad
Red and yellow roasted beet salad with arugula, raddichio, walnuts, goat cheese and smoky maple vinaigrette.
Le Bon Vivant Cornish Hen
Cornish hen à la plancha, roasted pepper salsa, seasonal vegetables and spelt.
Bon Vivant Jameson
Good Ol’ Jameson!

Le Bon Vivant is an amazing option for a casual evening out – the wine list is well priced and the food is great! Even better, their menu is really diverse – from tacos to schnitzel carbonara – you know there is something for everyone. Le Bon Vivant is located at 2705 Notre-Dame West (near Atwater) and they are open daily from noon until 11pm.  Have a look on DINR to see if any last minute reservations have come up.