Restaurant Garde Manger

My Last Meal | Garde Manger

The past couple of weeks have been full of excitement and transformation as the cold, harsh backdrop of winter has been succeeded by spring’s warm and playful temperament. DINR too has seen its share of change, from launching in Toronto to adding some amazing new restaurants to the Montreal network. For myself, I recently had the good fortune of meeting a fellow food-obsessed personality (by the name of Melanie), who also runs her own food blog called, La Pique Assiette. After hitting it off immediately we decided,why not go out together?

So a couple of weeks ago, we made our way down to restaurant Garde Manger, where there too change is in the air! With Chef Christopher Merrick now running the kitchen, menu classics have been revamped and revised. With prime local products (especially seafood!) starting to appear, our visit could not have been better timed.

I gotta admit, this was one ridiculously amazing dinner, but I’ll let pictures do most of the talking. Here is what Chef had us try:

Garde Manger - Bloody Caesar
Garde Manger’s signature bloody Caesar served with a snow crab leg and lots of horseradish. Do it, do it!
Garde Manger - Scallops
Seared scallops on a mixture of lentils, bacon, celery, red onion and carrots in a walnut vinaigrette. Topped with crispy sweet potato. The scallops cut like butter so throwing a little sweet potato crunch into the mix…made it heaven.
Garde Manger - Snowcrab
Atlantic snow crab drizzled with spiced chili butter. Bro, this was next level.
Garde Manger - Nordic Shrimp Salad
Nordic Shrimp wedge salad with remoulade-style dressing and old bay croutons. A playful and delicious take on a shrimp salad.
Garde Manger - Terrine
Seared foie gras terrine on a caramelized onion bread pudding and served with diced apples in an apple reduction. YUM!
Garde Manger - Arctic Char
Arctic char, roasted carrots, sultanas, sunflower seeds, served on raita. Seriously an evening highlight!!!!
garde Manger -Profiteroles
Profiteroles rolls stuffed with homemade Nutella and peanut butter.

Restaurant Garde Manger is a Montreal must! Actually, this June marks their 10-year anniversary and I have it on good word that they have a couple of tricks up their sleeve to ring in this new decade. Located at 408 Saint Francois Xavier, Garde Manger easily fills up a month in advance, so if you’re looking for a same day reservation then check out DINR now.