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DINR Launches in Toronto!

If you find yourself googling best restaurants in Toronto then DINR now has you covered! DINR’s same day reservation tool has officially extended to the six – with an incredible list of restaurant partners – so you don’t have to plan your next great meal weeks in advance.

  • How does DINR work?

DINR is a free mobile reservation app that matches same day restaurant availabilities with last minute diners.  We ONLY work with the best restaurants in Montreal & Toronto so that our users can blindly choose a restaurant to eat at.

  • What’s the catch?

None. DINR is free to use, but if you don’t show up for your reservation you will be charged a ‘No-Show Fee’ of $30.

  • Who’s on the Toronto List?  

We launched #DINRto with some pretty heavy hitters such as:

ALO  //  DaiLo  //  Edulis  //  Chase Fish & Oyster  //  Chase  //  Kasa Moto  //  Campagnolo  //  Bar Isabel  //  OMAW  //  Harbord Room  //  Boralia  //  Richmond Station  //  Colette  //  Hopgoods Foodliner  //  more to come…

We want to thank the city of Toronto & our amazing restaurant partners for having us and hope you enjoy using DINR!