DINR App Toronto

DINR in The Toronto Star

DINR App in Toronto
Chili, A. (April 6, 2016). Scoring a table at T.O.’s top spots with DINR app. The Toronto Star, pp. E6.


Only a month into DINR ‘s Toronto debut and we couldn’t be happier with the results we are seeing! We’ve launched with an incredible hit list of restaurants, including  Alo, Campagnolo, Bar Isabel, Mamakas Taverna, Richmond Station, Jump, Canoe, The Harbord Room, Dailo, Edulis, Boralia, OMAW and Hopgoods Foodliner, and with many more joining on a weekly basis – it’s sure to be a busy and delicious summer! Thank you to The Toronto Star for the great write up and hopefully many more foodies got to learn about DINR as a result.

So stay tuned, and check DINR often in order to snag those same day reservations at those hard-to-get-into places.