Provisions 1268

Best Restaurants in Montreal | Provisions 1268

At the crossroads of Outremont and Mile End lies a new gastronomic treasure by the name of Provisions 1268. Opening just several months ago, this 25-seater has quickly become the favourite among industry big-wigs and food loving fanatics for its fresh, creative – and most importantly – extremely delicious dishes. The front house savant is the smart and charming Tina An, and her talented kitchen counterparts include Chefs Pablo Rojas, Hakim Rahal and Rafael a.k.a. Cuba! The mix of this impressive team makes it no surprise that Provisions 1268 is continually praised as one of the best new restaurants in Montreal.

Talking with the chef-owners you will quickly learn that they go to great lengths to source the very best produce and work solely with the freshest ingredients; which needless to say, means their dishes are always changing. What’s really unique about Provisions 1268 is that rather than a traditional menu, they list all ingredients the kitchen is working that day on a chalkboard. At $60, Provisions 1268 offers an insanely delicious five-course tasting menu – arguably one of the best deals in town! And don’t worry if you have dietary restrictions and/or food allergies the kitchen will adapt the tasting menu to accommodate your needs. Menu examples range from a buttery smoked king salmon served with sweet potato and jicama salad, to a fried pork loin with muscles and bean salad. Plating is definitely a strong suit and with every course, you will be tempted to whip out your phone to capture the beauty that sits before you.

What I really love about Provisions 1268 is that on any given night about half the team working are actually owners. This means that the vibe is super welcoming and everyone from the back kitchen to the front-of-house will receive you warmly and attentively. Also, the majority of seating is along the wooden bar, which stretches from dining room to kitchen; no matter where you’re sitting, you’re always part of the action. However, for larger groups or more private wants, there are a few select tables to accommodate.

Provisions 1268 is packed with character! A makeshift crate chandelier dangles above the largest table that is enclosed by funky chinoiserie and flamingo upholstered chairs.  Modern-industrial light bulbs hang throughout the restaurant, while posters of batman, photographs of friends and assorted relics decorate the walls of this intimate eatery. From interior décor, to produce selection and plate presentation, there’s a lot of love that goes into each and every detail.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit this relatively new gem – I really urge you to go – it has to be one of my recent dining highlights! Provisions 1268 is opened Tuesday through Saturday, starting at 6:00 pm. Not surprisingly they quickly pack up, so take a look on DINR for any same-day openings.

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