Liverpool House Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Montreal | Liverpool House

In many ways going to Liverpool House is like going to your favourite rustic Canadian cottage. Wainscot paneling, vintage novels, stoneware plates and washed paint – you feel like you could walk outside and be greeted by one of Canada’s great lakes. Liverpool House offers a nostalgic dining experience like no other.

The restaurant is owned by the esteemed Dave McMillan, Fred Morin and Allison Cunningham, of brother and sister restaurant’s Joe Beef and Vin Papillon (and not by coincidence, they are both located next door). Liverpool’s vibe is relaxed and cheery, which is the direct result of their very talented and friendly team; making it the kind of place you never want to leave.

Liverpool House operates under the reign of James Graham-Simpkins; manager and part-time sugar maker, he is always there to greet you with a big smile and welcome you like an old friend to his home.  Christopher Morgan, with his old world demeanour, is the cocktail connoisseur – and let me tell you, he knows his sh*t. You tell him what you like to drink, and he will prepare you the best (and most potent) one you’ve ever had. He’s gotten me more than once.

And if you’re lucky enough to catch chef, Ariel Schor out of the kitchen, I guarantee you will have just as much fun with him and his cooking crew as you would the front house staff.  Chef’s menu is always changing, but some notable highlights are the honey & chili roasted Brussel sprouts appetizer, the infamous lobster spaghetti, the rainbow trout with clams, and the seasonally fresh oysters. Hearing murmurs from the table next to you, you will hear things like, “this is the best meal I’ve ever had”, so really any choice is a good choice.

The staff plays to the restaurants strengths and within minutes of telling your waiter what you like-and-don’t-like, they will give you a tailored recommendation.  You can absolutely leave the decision making up to them.

Liverpool House has recently expanded into their backyard, so during the spring-to-fall seasons you can dine outside on their charming little terrace. Big bonus!

In my opinion, Liverpool House is a true and romantic depiction of great Canadian living and it is no surprise that it is known as one of Montreal’s best restaurants. Availabilities are hard to come by, so take a look on DINR for same day reservations.

Dinner service is available from 5:00 pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

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