Le Fantome Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Montreal | Le Fantome

The new kid on the block, Le Fantome has started off with a bang! The glowing reviews have not only been expressed by every single food critic in the city, but also by its devout followers who spread the good word out of a sense of gastronomic duty.

While the majority of restaurants in Le Sud Ouest are located on restaurant row (a.k.a. Notre Dame Street), Le Fantome, true to its name, is elusive and off the beaten path. Tucked away on William Street, the restaurant is mysteriously indicated by a triangular stencil and from the outside looking in, you wouldn’t be the first to wonder, what is this place?  However, once inside, you’ll quickly understand why Le Fantome has been hailed as the coolest new restaurant in Montreal. This 25-seater is always bustling with a mix of diners who all share one thing in common – a love for new, creative and delicious food.

Upon arrival, the always smiling Kabir Kapoor, co-owner and front house guru, will greet you with open arms. This guy could write the handbook on exceptional service – whether you’re a regular client or a newbie – he’s excited to have you and will quickly have you feeling like you are old friends. He also happens to be crazy passionate about good juice, so let his vinous expertise guide you through his reasonably priced wine list.

As for the food, prepare to be surprised! Co-owner and Chef Jason Morris is pushing the boundaries of what constitutes Canadian market cuisine.  His plates are indeed a mosaic of different ethnic influences, serving up dishes like seared scallops in butter chicken sauce and peanut butter and jelly foie gras sandwiches (a.k.a. the PBJFG). And yes, both are as delicious as they sound! The menu is short and changes weekly – so you can’t get too attached – but this is the only way to truly appreciate and explore the creative, back-of-house talents. Portions are small and although you can share plates – you’ll probably regret not ordering a whole portion for yourself – so I recommend the $60 tasting menu.

Décor veers toward the minimal, modern and funky. Melted candles pile up on old dressers while extraordinary collages by Chef’s grandfather adorn the walls. Personal touches are everywhere and even some of the ceramic plates are hand-crafted by Morris’ mom.  Bar seating faces the kitchen so you can enjoy the back-of-house bustle or tables can be rearranged throughout the small space to accommodate your party size. While cool music hums in the background, happy guests gush over amazing food, service and wine.

Le Fantome takes a unique, fresh and fun approach to cuisine and service – and they are jamming as a result! Open from Tuesday to Saturday starting at 6:00 pm, Le Fantome is located at 1832 William Street in Griffintown. Have a look on DINR to snag those last minute availabilities.

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