Bocata Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Montreal | Bocata

Old Montreal is a haven for tourists and locals alike looking to enjoy a nice night out. It’s got character, romance and nostalgia all wrapped into one tiny section of the city and with every block explored there is some unique treasure to take in. Bocata restaurant, much like the district it inhabits, shares these quintessentially Old Montreal characteristics. The moment you enter the restaurant you are immediately taken aback by the warm, romantic and beautifully detailed space owners Roberto Porres and Chef Jeremie Falissard have made their own.

At first glance, your eyes scan the vast collection of vintage novels, trophies of great wines consumed and the black and white photographs that decorate the outer edges of this greystone cavern. Then, the second wave of details become alive: tufted, cognac leather banquettes, a butcher block furnished with a charcuterie slicer, dangling cured ham, and an assortment of votive candles. It’s a modern take on an old-fashioned vibe, but in many ways, it feels like the room has been there forever. Needless to say, the 150 year old building doesn’t hurt the antiquated ambiance.

Bocata is little sister to the adjoining restaurant, Barroco, occupying a large chunk of block on  Saint Paul street. And although they share lots in common with their Mediterranean inspirations, Bocata differs from its older brother by focusing more on Spanish-French style cuisine. Chef de cuisine Marcus Sahou’s menu examples range from a duck confit salad with quail egg, to a burrata and squid appetizer. And as for mains, they have plenty meat and fish to choose from: like a veal chop or squid ink risotto, lobster roll with clam chowder or Mediterranean Sea bass.  True to their word, every course is a solid reflection of what you hoped it would be. Bocata does not disappoint.

Bocata is a great spot to catch up with an old friend or have a date night with your sweetie because the vibe is more relaxed and smooth than some other Old Port options.  They offer a great selection of privately imported, predominantly Old World wines (of which owner Roberto Porres imports some of his own) and better yet, these wines are offered in different pour sizes so you can pair one with every course. If you’re looking for a great casual vibe with super tasty food and fun wine pairings, look no further.

Bocata restaurant is located at 310 Saint-Paul West in Old Montreal and is conveniently open every day starting at 5pm. So if you’re looking to wine and dine somewhere special in the Old Port tonight, have a look on DINR to see if Bocata has any availabilities.

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