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Best Restaurants in Montreal | Barroco

For many Montrealers, going out for dinner represents a large and very important chunk of our social calendar. Good food, wine and company are imperative to balance out a week full of hard work and cold weather. We need this! And, luckily for us, there are plenty of amazing restaurants across the island to satiate our famous appetites for fine cuisine. However, despite the abundance of options, I, like many others, still find myself whining the old platitude, “where should I go for dinner”? It’s exhausting.

This is one of the dilemmas DINR strives to resolve. We’ve handpicked the best restaurants in Montreal and invited them to post their same day availabilities on our app, so people like me (and maybe you) can blindly choose an amazing restaurant. To date, we have over 20 restaurant partners in Montreal and are carefully growing our network. All of them are no-brainer dining  options and serve up excellent experiences time and time again. Guaranteed.

One of these spots is a cozy and cavernous eatery called Barroco restaurant, which is located on St-Paul Street in Old Montreal. Owned by duo Roberto Porres and Chef Jeremie Falissard, Barroco came into the picture in 2011 and has been entrenching itself in the Old Montreal culinary scene ever since. Much like it’s little sister restaurant, Bocata, every aspect from food to service and décor is well thought out, rich and comforting.

The space is eccentrically decorated with marquee lighting, an embalmed boar head and a flurry of framed pictures, but all of this is balanced by the native characteristics of the stone walls and original wooden trimmings.  The masterminds behind Barroco are clearly detail oriented and full of personality, and small details like the cocktail menu in vintage novels are seamlessly creative. On any given night the patrons will be a mix of couples on a date night, groups starting a big night out, or tourists looking to spoil themselves at a Montreal favourite.

Chef’s menu is hearty and guarantees to satisfy any craving you had for an indulgent night out. Some menu examples? To start, you have burrata with shaved truffles, maple poached foie gras and AAA beef tartare. Mains consist of beef short ribs, roasted arctic char and the signature Paella Barroco. Bold, flavourful and distinct combinations create big character dishes at Barroco.

Barroco is located at 312 St-Paul West and is one of the few DINR restaurant partners that is open every day starting at 6 pm. If you find yourself wondering where you should eat tonight and are craving some hearty food, then Barroco is your boy! Check DINR now to see if any last minute availabilities have come up.

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